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Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail

Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail

Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail is a unique tropical plant native to China and the Indian subcontinent,  it is closely related to the Monstera genus. This is a stunning, easy-to-grow plant with dark green, glossy leaves. The Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail is an amazing species that rarely comes across. Its leaves have a beautiful structure with pronounced, sunken veins. The most exciting thing about this special plant is the leaf transformation as the plant matures. As it gets bigger the leaves will be almost unrecognizable from her younger state. The splits then extend to the mid-rib and this gives a truly unique look. In its full form, the leaves can have numerous thin slits along each side, appearing almost like a palm.
Rhaphidophora are generally problem free and are an excellent choice for people new to house plants. They will only give you issues if you keep them wet all the time. Allow it to dry out between watering and it will be problem free. Water and fertilize regularly. Water more abundantly during the growing season and less frequently during the rest season. They also have extensive root systems that are sensitive to water. Allow the top soil to dry out a little between waterings as this plant likes short dry spells and temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. Keep in a bright place of growth, but not direct sunlight, diffuse light is the best. It will grow best in a sunny and warm position, but it will also do well in partial shade. If you see burn marks on the edges of foliage, it means the plant is getting too much strong direct light. Crispy tips and brown edges are signs that the air is too dry.
Small Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail will start out quite tiny with correspondingly unimpressive foliage. But with a little time and proper care it will grow to become a good-sized plant even indoors. Rhaphidophora Dragon Tail has a climbing habit. These climbing plants can grow up to 5 feet tall indoors. If given a totem, wall, or tree to climb the leaves of the dragon’s tail plant will get larger, longer, and will develop natural holes in the leaves over time, almost making them look fringed.
The perfect potting soil for this Rhaphidophora is light, airy and well-draining. The best time to repot is to wait until roots start coming out from the pot’s drainage holes ,go up by one pot size at a time when you repot.


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