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Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey is the national sacred tree of India and also known as the Banyan tree, found growing in the tropical forest. This species is a beautiful statement piece for any plant collection and is much more forgiving to environmental changes and under- or over- watering than its other ficus cousins. It is quite easygoing, it likes to dry out a little bit in-between watering and doesn’t like to sit in wet soil. Too much water and it can cause the leaves to drop, too little water and the leaves will lose their color and wilt. Watering once a week is normally absolutely fine. Likes a high nitrogen plant food.

While Ficus Audrey can grow rapidly outdoors, indoors they grow more slowly. As a general rule, you can repot Ficus Audrey every year. Younger plants tend to grow faster and need to be repotted more often than more mature ficus plants.  They are quite sensitive plants, and can go into shock when repotted. Best to wait until it’s really necessary.

The best time to repot your Ficus Audrey is in early spring during growth season so it can recover faster. 

To encourage branching, trim the main stem. The cut is best if angled, this way water can't stay and collect and potentially cause problems.

Ficus Audrey is one of the pure green fig varieties. It produces glossy, oval, thick green leaves with striking yellow veins. This immediately gives a tropical accent to any interior.

Its lush green leaves filter airborne toxins from the surrounding atmosphere. When looking closely at your Ficus Audrey’s leaves, you’ll notice that it has a fuzzy layer. This is normal, but the fuzz does tend to collect dust and as the dust gets thicker, it blocks sunlight. Whipping off the dust on leaves on a regular basis with a damp cloth is a good idea. However, don’t use leaf shine as it will damage the leaves.


Triad Plants Greenhouse manager 

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