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Triad Logistics

Triad was founded over 40 years ago with the mission of providing the best Tropical Plants in the country, predominantly grown in Florida, to our customer partners nationwide. We have strived to demystify the process of acquiring and transporting these premium plants across the country. 

Our next step in this journey is the launch of Triad Logistics – a new offering designed to address many customer partners growing struggles with the cost and reliability of moving plants from Florida to their local storefronts.

For many of our partners getting plants shipped out of Florida is a logistical nightmare and painfully expensive. The trucking shortage has been a challenge for years during peak season, but now with inflationary pressures on fuel and labor shortages, freight has become a central pain point year-round.

Triad Logistics is a joint-venture of Triad Plant Company and Zetz, Inc. a leading logistics and technology organization. The Zetz team previously built Tapingo (the most efficient food delivery fleet in the United States), and has decades of experience building digital solutions for the services sector.

Triad Logistics runs out of Triad’s new consolidation and shipping facility on our 10 acre nursery in Florida and is managed by our in-house logistics team. The launch of Triad Logistics is the logical next step in our journey to source, transport and deliver quality tropical plants to our customer partners nationwide.

How it works

When placing an order with Triad, select from one of two options:

Full Service

With full service you order and we handle the rest. Our in-house logistics team will typically arrange for your order to be consolidated at our new shipping facility. We also coordinate the long-haul segment directly with one of our Triad Trucking partner carriers. We guarantee your plants ship out within 2 weeks any time of the year. 

Better yet, we offer you a price cap at checkout, so you won’t be taking on risk of fuel surcharges any longer. We take on that risk for you. Shipping costs depend on order size and distance of course, but will never exceed 40% of plant costs.

For our frequent orderers, we cap all-in shipping at rates well below market. 

Triad Gold

$5k / month

Cap of 35% of order amount*

Triad Platinum

$10k / month

Cap of 30% of order amount*

Triad Diamond

$25k / month

Cap of 25% of order amount*


For our buyers who have a truck or a preferred long-haul partner, we can consolidate your order at our shipping facility so you can pick-up in one convenient location. We guarantee a pickup window within 10 days, any time of the year. We offer simple and upfront pricing:

  • 12.5% for first $5k of plants shipping
  • 10.0% for anything above $5k 


Click the chat bubble on the bottom right to get live support. contact us if you have any questions or would like to consult our logistics experts - any time, any day.