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Introducing Trees and Shrubs

Introducing Trees and Shrubs

Just in time for MANTS (Booth #1608) and TPIE (Booth #337), we're thrilled to share some exciting news: Triad Plants is expanding! Our journey across the country has led us to bring you an exclusive trees & shrubs collection.

What's New?

  • Premium Selection: We've partnered with the nation's finest growers to offer you unparalleled trees & shrubs.
  • Customized Orders: Tailor your order to your needs, starting from just $3,000.
  • Triad's Trusted Platform: Now catering to your trees and shrubs requirements with the same quality and service you love.

This expansion marks a new chapter in our commitment to providing top-tier botanical varieties.

🌳 Click To Discover Our Trees & Shrubs Collection

Since supplies are limited this time of year and our trucks fill up quickly, don't miss out. If you haven’t pre-booked your trees and shrubs for the season, or wish to add to an existing order, act fast and pre-book now.

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