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Order Add-ons & Smart Substitutes - Now in Triad Portal

Order Add-ons & Smart Substitutes - Now in Triad Portal

07/24/23: Following the launch of the Triad Portal we received some great suggestions and we're happy to share two new features that will make managing your orders even more convenient:

  1. Add-On Items: Now, you can effortlessly add more items to your orders, even those that are already in progress and about to be shipped. This gives you more flexibility to meet your last minute changing needs.

  2. Smart Plant Substitution: In instances where a plant you've ordered is unavailable, you can now smartly select substitute plants right from the portal. This will ensure you always receive the most suitable alternatives.

Check out the screenshots at the bottom of the email for a quick two-step tutorial. Ready to experience for yourself? Click here

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